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Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight 
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Post Re: Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight
Hyrulian Inquirer

Year 4, Month 2


  • With the end of the War, there are no more movement or battle phases; therefore, there will only be one Inquirer per month. You may now Rest every month instead of twice a month, same as before. At the end of every month, declared by each Inquirer, your movement points regenerate, month-long effects end; status effects, wand recharges, and Heart/MP regenerating items also go into effect.
  • If anyone else is interested in being the IW--or even a backup for me in case something weird happens and I can't post for whatever reason--I'm totally up for that. In fact, it seems like a smart idea to designate someone to be in charge in case I'm spirited away by Moblins. Any takers?


  • MERRY BLISSMAS!! In every town with a bazaar (Hyrule Castle, Goron City, Zora's Domain, Gerudo's Fortress, Lon Lon Ranch, and Kakariko Village), come visit the special stalls, where you can still temporarily buy... Blissmas Turkey Legs!
    Blissmas Turkey Legs [100R] - When eaten, heals you to full Hearts and full MP, but prevents you from gaining any EXP that month. Also, you can't eat more than one Blissmas Turkey Leg in any single month.

    Blissmas Turkey Legs will be available until month 3!

Help Wanted Ads

  • Book Fetch (Hyrule Castle, Lon Lon Ranch): "Can you help me? I left my favorite book at Lon Lon Ranch the last time I was visiting there, and as I'm a very busy shopkeeper, I don't have the time to get it back myself. I'll pay you if you bring it back to me in Hyrule Castle." (in progress by Azeroth Skyhopper)
  • Gyorg King Hunt (Zora's Domain): "A Gyorg King ate my precious family heirloom! Hunt it down and get it back for me."
  • Moldorm Hunt (Gerudo Fortress): A rich Zuna wants to try dining on Moldorm meat. "Catch me one - preferably alive, so it's as fresh as possible."
  • Cursed Boomerang (Ikana Palace): "This cursed boomerang just keeps coming back to me no matter what I do - if you can get rid of it, permanently, I'll reward you." (in progress by Alethio)
  • Drowning His Sorrows (Sunken City): "My son has brought incredible shame upon our family name by becoming the latest town drunk! I can't bear to even speak to him anymore. Rewarding anyone who can help bring him to his senses!"
  • Love is Like a Drug (Kakariko Village): "My wife is in a lot of pain, and I'm trying to get some medicine to help her. I would prefer someone who can solve problems... discretely."
  • For Whom the Bridge Tolls (River cb): "Thugs have appeared on the bridge connecting North Goron Hills and West Ukuku Prairie demanding a toll from weary travelers and traders to pass. They run away when the Cooperative's Forces try to engage them, so we're seeking outside help. Inquire at either territory for details."


  • Alethio:
      1.1) You ask Violita about her past, and she frowns thoughtfully (for all you can really tell). "...I... wouldn't think anything pertinent to this..." she answers a bit hesitantly. "Most of my childhood was fairly normal, I think. I was an attentive student, though certainly I was not the best in my class... um, in my senior year I was captain of my school's embroidery club? I like to sew. My parents are both historians, and have always spent far more time with their books than their children-- though of course I've long grown out of the grudge I used to hold against them for this. I've come to like books well enough myself." She pauses just a little too long, and you find yourself unsure whether or not you believe she is truly untroubled by their distance. Still, she presses on with surprising cheerfulness: "I was kidnapped and held for ransom once; I certainly imagine that they would have eventually gotten around to paying for my release, had I not managed to engineer my escape myself. ...What else? I had an older sister who died honorably during the most recent war-- that's the thirty-sixth Hyrulian War-- but I am quite certainly not unique in having lost a close relative in that conflict. I myself have a passing interest in combat, and likely would have joined the war myself, but I am only turning eighteen this next month. But I was originally delighted when I stumbled across that boomerang; it seemed the sort of thing that even one such as I could learn the art of, without half a lifetime of full martial training. And given how it's been quite a few years it's been since I've had the thing, I dare say I've gotten a decent arm for it by now, though my real talent lies with magic. White magic and summons, mostly; and a little fire."
      1.2) You ask her about the exact circumstances of her finding it. The Garo rubs her hood thoughtfully. "Well, like I said, I was on a family camping trip down in Wind Ruins, just before the war started and my sister left for the battlefield. This was almost three years ago, I think... Now that I think of it, it's been almost exactly three years. The Cooperative was planning on colonizing the area, and my parents wanted to spend a month or two gathering artifacts and getting whatever pieces of history we could find before new settlers came and built over everything." Violita shrugs. "I haven't been back down there since, but I'm given to understand that the colony has a light footprint anyway--but how could we have known that would be, at the time? Anyway, we had spread out to search for artifacts early one morning when I stumbled across a small cave under an overhanging cliff. The boomerang was just lying on the ground there in broad daylight... so I took it. I would have inspected the area more at the time, but my parents had found some statue or another they wanted to preserve, so I had to go help them. I was too tired afterwards, and then I basically forgot about it." She sighs. "Anyway, if I leave it in another room or even stow it away in a box somewhere, I always just seem to find myself suddenly tripping over it, even if I was sure my path was clear. And if I just leave it there on the floor, it happens again. I don't see it moving; it's just suddenly there, as if I had left it where my feet were going instead of wherever I put it down. I don't have to be touching it at all times or anything, thankfully, but it does seem to... object, to not being in my inventory."
      1.3) She nods. "Oh yes, other people can touch it.... in a manner of speaking. It seems impossibly cold to them, though, so especially as a Zora, you may find it painful." You hold out your hand, and she hesitantly slides one end of the boomerang in your palm. As she warned, it does to hurt to touch, even through your gauntlets-- but you try to block it out. It seems almost weightless, but when you close your fingers around it, the contour and shape of your grip is absolutely familiar as that of when you hold a boomerang. "Be careful not to break anything," she warns a bit anxiously as she bids her butler to set up another target and backs some distance away. You nod confidently, getting the feel of the weapon for a moment before throwing it at the target. Your instincts and aim are true, and the target pops a few seconds after you release it, prompting a smile. After a second or two, your fingers twitch anxiously, waiting to catch it-- but despite your training, it is not to you whom the boomerang returns, but Violita... or well, so you gather, as her hand reaches out to catch it. She walks back over to you with a sad smile. "Good throw," she tries, encouragingly. She motions for your hand again, but instead of giving you the boomerang, she takes your hand in hers and casts Cure to heal up the sores that the boomerang left on your skin.
      1.4) To your slight surprise, Violita tries using a Purge spell of her own at the same time as you do, but the disappointment afterwords is evident in her glowing eyes. "I tried that on my own already; I thought together, it might be powerful enough to do something, but, but it seems not." Indeed, Purge doesn't seem to do a whole lot. "It maybe shimmers a little when we do that?" she puts in helpfully, if uncertainly. (-10MP)
      1.5) You have more luck when you come back with the Mask of Truth-- in fact, you can actually SEE the Boomerang, or at least its outline in ghostly white. Violita is delighted when you inform her of this. "Well, that will certainly prove to my pa-- I mean, my friends, that I am not a liar and simply crying for attention!" As for the boomerang itself, it seems of average size and shape, with a large dark jewel set in its center. No creature or being seems attached to it-- although a faint, shimmering, ghostly thread seems to be connecting the boomerang to Violita. The string seems entirely incorporeal; your hand passes right through it as if it were not there, and she looks bemused, wondering why you are waving a hand in front of her.
      1.6) She suspects that the boomerang will not fit past the lip of the bottle, so she has her butler bring a bowl of water (and yes, regular water is available :P). She holds the boomerang in the water-- or so she says. It does not seem to make a form or imprint in the water at all. Similarly, when you try to pour water over it, the water seems to simply fall uninterrupted through the air, not splashing against the boomerang's surface at all.
      1.7) Violita pauses when you suggest returning to where she found the boomerang. "...Well..." She hesitates, and then nods after a moment. "...Wind Ruins is only a month's journey away, at least for an Undead such as myself. And we have been there before; surely my parents could not object if I were to go there again..." She nods again, more to herself. "Besides, my birthday is next month, and I will be of age... so I should be free to do what I like, shouldn't I?" She shoots a glance at her butler, then looks back up at you. "...Very well. If you ask it, I will be prepared to leave with you next month."
      2) Shore! (+1 Cookie, flavour of your choice)

.:: take me again . in sleep . unbroken ::.


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Post Re: Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight
hm, so I don't know how long Jedi Will be before he can post, buuuuuut I think I'm not going to enter combat for at least another turn so is it alright to make a rtp/Q without them this time?


Azeroth's hands jerked to a halt at the actions of the Gerudo, then slowly lifted them away from his swords and held them in the air, his masked face grimacing as he took in the situation and took a step back. he also indicated to Zethos and Terresita to back off for now/ A hostage situation made this really complicated, even with his flashstep Azeroth couldn't guarantee that he would be able to rescue the three hostages before they were hurt. which meant that Azeroth would have to try to rely on something he was less capable of; Diplomacy, ugh.

"easy, there is no need to-"
then his mind focused on one of the names that the Gerudo had called out and things stopped making sense. his visable eye made a very obvious blink and his hands faltered from their upraised position in his confusion.

"wait, May?" he said while slowly turning his head to the two the Gerudo had been talking to. "this may be a random question, but does the name Tobias mean anything to you?"


so as the RTP indicated, moving hands away from the sword, taking a step back and start trying to start talking it out, then Azeroth realizes that one of these three has the name of the person he is supposed to be talking to and asking is the name Tobias rings any bells.
it is in that set up as that is somewhat how it worked out for me, trying to plan out how to do hostage negotiations before realizing that one of the names looks odd and looking and the stats I posted wayyyyy back when, you nearly got me there BC, you tricky IW you! :P

1)rtp xp
2) results?
2.a) is this in fact the May Azeroth is supposed to be talking to? if so, then what is going on here?



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Post Re: Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight
Updating my stats to accomodate last month's spending. Also giving Skyhopper 1000R for returning (already accounted for in my stats).
Alethio's Stats
Zoran Boomeroon
Zora’s Domain
24/24 Hearts, 130/140 MP (12 Hearts via PoC, 5 Heart Containers, 1 Piece of Heart, +10 MP (somewhere in the mysterious past), +30 MP Zulian Headdress)
33 Movement points (+10 Horse, +10 Sonic Rings, +3 Ninja Tabi)
123 334 Rupees
8747 EXP
Awards: Covert Operative of the War (HWXXIV), Gold Medal in Performing(HWXXVI)

Equipped Items
Cyclone Edge
Crystal sword infused with the power of the tornado, moves at uber fast speeds.[RARE]
Camo Gear
A tunic that makes you stealthier and increases the success of secret operations.
Wildheart Vest
-5- Strong and fierce
Roc's Cape
Allows for impressive jumping and increased agility in battle.
Zulian Headdress
Increases MAX MP by 30.
Agile Earrings
Increases agility in battle by 1
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
+1 luck on all RTQ results.
Sonic Ring (2)
+5 Movement Points.
Ninja Tabi
+3 Movement Points. Increases Stealth
Silver Gauntlets
+4 Strength
A special belt on which twenty-five boomerangs can beclicked for easy usage. Large boomerangs, however (i.e. ones which must be wielded with two hands) take up three slots. Any number of other boomerangs can be stored in the bank.[UNIQUE]
Boombelt Slot 1: Crystal Boomerang
A boomerang that when thrown, circles the thrower for hours in a protective shield. [RARE]
Boombelt Slot 2: Telerang
-4-This bladed boomerang does great damage (for a boomerang), and if you’ve thrown it and it’ still in flight, you may use 5MP to teleport to it)
Boombelt Slot 3: Lunarang
– 4 - (Silver Boomerang in the form of a crescent moon. Razor Sharp, and glints wonderfully in the moonlight. In the center part of it, there is a Moon Pearl. Any enemy that is struck with this will suffer a terrible gash, as well as be returned to their regular form. Weakens summons.)
Boombelt Slots 4-11: Bomberang (8)
An explosive boomerang. Same power as a normal bomb, but much, much more range. Doesn't come back, but is destroyed in the explosion.
Boombelt Slot 12: Axerang
– 6 - This Boomerang looks almost exaclty like a throwing axe. Does very good damage, but has hardly any range, compared to normal boomerang
Boombelt Slot 13: Scalerang
- 2 -A boomerang with (cast-off) Zoran scales on it. Zora's are impressed by this weapon and think it's beautiful. It does normal boomerang damage.
Boombelt Slot 14: Rockerang
– 2 - A boomerang made of Rock. Hollow on the inside to make it light. Adored by Gorons. Does average boomerang damage. Will break if thrown at a solid enough object with enough force.
Boombelt Slot 15: NAD 2006 Memorial Boomerang
– 3 - This is a nicely coloured boomerang, in blue and pink, to remember NAD 2006 by. If you have this boomerang in your possession, you're really part of the community through thick and thin. Limited edition item, with a bit more power than a normal boomerang, and a bit more range than a Magical One.
A strap that goes from shoulder to hip and has 15 pouches to save space and for easy access. You may have one of these and one Utility Belt.
Bandoleer Slots 1-5: Throwing Knife (5)
-1- A balanced Knife for throwing; it can also be used for melee.
Bandoleer Slots 6-13:Caltrops (75)
Small four-pronged spikes that can be scattered on the ground, causing damage when stepped on. 10 caltrops = 1 inventory slot.
Large Quiver
Holds 90 Arrows or Bolts of any type.
Large Quiver: Poison Arrow (27)
-2- An arrow that has a 20% chance to inflict poison.
Large Quiver: Bomb Arrow (27)
-4- An arrow that explodes when it hits its target!
Large Quiver: Silver Arrow (20)
-3- A type of powerful magic arrow rumored to have been a key to Ganon’s defeat.
Large Quiver: Razor Arrow (20)
-2- An arrow with a sharpened iron tip.
Large Bomb Bag
Holds 30 Bombs of any type, except Powder Kegs.
Large Bomb Bag: Bombs (21)
Blows things up!
Large Item Bag
Replaces your old basic item bag, increasing your inventory maximum to 40 items.

Spells and Abilities

Path of Courage (7547EXP)
Stealth Line:
Cat’s Eye
Grants better accuracy in the dark.

Killer Line:
Light Armor Proficiency
Allows the use of Light classification Armors
Ranged Weapon Proficiency
Allows the use of Ranged classification items, and Munitions.
Magic Arrow
[1MP] Create a regular arrow for 1MP. Can be saved. Can be cast onto the bow to allow for immediate fire.
Sure Sight
[10MP] Self-cast only. Doubles accuracy for ranged attacks.
Triple Shot
[15MP] Ranged attack splits to strike one target three times or three targets one time each.

Forms Line
Create Easy Forms
Create an Easy-rank form. You may continue purchasing this until you progress to make more form of this rank.

Tamer Line
Charm Easy Beast
Allows the charming of Easy-rank enemies.
Comfort Pet
Pet recovers 2 Hearts. If pet is dead, revives pet with 1 Heart.
Charm Medium Beast
Allows the charming of Medium-rank enemies.
Master’s Care
[30MP] Having trained with only the one Pet, enhances the speed and strength of attack and adds 5 Hearts to your Pet’s maximum Heart Count.

Path of Wisdom (1200 EXP)
Fire/Water Line
Mana Blast
[6MP] Shoot a blast of magic at your enemy. Single-target non-elemental attack.

Air/Earth Line
Arcane Proficiency
Allows the use of Arcane classification items

Summoning Line
Create Easy Summons
Create an Easy-rank summon. You may continue purchasing this until you progress to make more summons of this rank.

Healing Line
[10MP] Target recovers 2 Hearts.
[10MP] Target is relieved of a recoverable status.
[50MP] Target recovers 10 Hearts.

All Easy Forms

All Easy Summons

Misschelaneous Spells

[20MP] Magically amplifies the casters voice tenfold! Can be used to amplify the volume of certain instruments (ones that you use your mouth with obviously) and increases the area of effect for speeches and songs played with such instruments. However, the noise produced is enough to deafen you if used for prolonged periods and those standing nearest to you may suffer deafness and bleeding ears. Lasts 1 month. Area of effect is about a 200 meter square radius so easily a small village or ranch.
[150MP]This song creates a violent Thunderstorm over the Square/territory of your presence. This thunderstorm destroys a few buildings - of which at least one will be an actual, purchased building, and has a mild chance to set fire to the city. It’s only sure to destroy a purchased building if the territory has at least three purchased buildings - otherwise it just has a chance to. The destructive lightning requires you to be able to see the city you wish to damage while you play the song - but certainly doesn’t need you be in artillery range or anything. It also makes the wind blow a LOT stronger, severely hindering any people without Iron Boots. Only usable every six months. Must be played for 48 consecutive hours.

Boomeroon Abilities
Boomerang Training
A boomerang the Boomeroon throws always returns to him,and when a boomeroon catches a boomerang, he never experiences the ‘effects’ of the boomerang.
Boomerang Fins
The hard fins of the Zora can detach themselves and be used as boomerangs, exactly as the ones in Majora’s Mask. Only works while Alethio continues to be of the Zoran subrace, and not wearing a subrace mask.
Boomerang Manufacturer
The ability to make new types of boomerangs within a Boomerang Factory.
Boomerang Juggling
[10MP, lasts for one month]The special kind of boomerang usage only the Boomeroon knows: how to throw up to seven boomerangs in succession, doing a kind of horizontal ‘long-distance’ juggling. Enables you to continually and seamlessly catch and re-throw up to seven different boomerangs at a time, never failing to catch them. You can 'deploy' a boomerang directly from your Boombelt for this purpose, and likewise can stow a caught boomerang in your belt, all without ever interrupting the juggle.
Magic Boomerang Creation
The ability to create a boomerang with some kind of ‘elemental’ attribute: Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Earth, Grass, Flowers,… It's harder to add an element to a boomerang that will also have other enchantments, so adding an element to other effects will add considerably more rupee cost than adding an element to an otherwise mundane boomerang.
Cast a spell on an item to give it the return-ability of a boomerang. Great for performances. Only works on thinge which Alethio can normally throw.Of course, if he's wearing Silver Gauntlets or other strength enhancers, this extends the range of things he can use this on. Although enchanted items return like a boomerang, they cannot be used with Boomerang Training, Boomerang Juggle, or Omega Psyclone. Doesn't guarantee you'll safely catch the item when it returns.
Curse of the Boomeroon
[80MP]Transform a defeated enemy/monster into a kind of boomerang, with attributes typical for that enemy/monster, determined by the IW. The more powerful the enemy, the less likely it is to work. Boomerangs made in this way can be very powerful, but will eventually break, setting the enemy's spirit free. The IW determines the number of times it can be used before this happens. Doesn't work on Summons, Forms or Pets
Important Note for Warmods and Inquirer Writer concerning the pricing of Boomerangs
Any mod is free to put off pricing boomerangs until a later Inquirer/Gazette if I've been asking for a lot of pricings recently and/or they have a lot of results to do.


Real Estate
Boomerang Factory
A building where the Boomeroon can make Boomerangs on a large scale at cost, or develop special boomerangs.
Boomerang Emporium
A shop where boomerangs - made in the Boomerang Factory - are sold. Boomerangs and Magic Boomerangs are produced at half the cost of their price in the Bazaar.

1. Fairy Bow
-5- Crafted with the magic of fairies.
2. Venom Tooth
- 4 - A dagger which has a 30% chance to inflict Poison on the first thing it hits each Month.
3. Hookshot
-3- A projectile barb attached to a chain. It can be used to grab stuff, attack, or pull yourself to things!
4. Elusive Knife
-4- The elusive knife has an invisable blade, and helps you blend into a crowd, as long as you're not doing anything noticeable.

Armor and Clothing
5. Magic Cape
Invisible (20MP): Turn yourself invisible for the duration of the month. Invisibility wears off prematurely if you attack anyone, if you take damage, or if your body is no longer in contact with the cape.
6. Red Ring
Increases the bonus from your armor by -2-.
7. Heart Ring Lvl 1
Recovers 1/4 heart per month.
8. Goron Tunic
A tunic that allows you to withstand great heat.
9. Subrace Mask (Hylian)
Shift (10MP): Look like the race of your mask for the duration of the month.
10. Bremen Mask
A mask that bestows increased success in charming monsters and critters.
11. Mask of Truth
A powerful mask that lets you see beyond the magic of illusion. Wile wearing this, it’s nearly impossible to be ambushed.
12. Snowboots
Snow barely impedes you while wearing these. Snow Mountains cost one less movement point, and you have improved mobility in snow.
13. Iron Boots
-5 movement points and decreased agility in battle, but makes you highly resistant to knockback/pushing effects.
14. All-Night’s Mask
Doesn’t let you fall asleep.

Containers and Ammo
15. Bottle 1: Blue Potion
Recovers 50% of your MAX Hearts and MAX MP
16. Bottle 2: Lon Lon Milk
Recovers 25% of your MAX hearts. (Only one use.)
17. Bottle 3: Fairy
Recovers MAX Hearts.
18. Bottle 4: Empty
Nothing but air!
19. Powder Keg
An explosive that’s very unwieldy, but much stronger then average bombs.

20. Stunner Net
A large enchanted net that puts to sleep any person or monster(s) that's caught in it. Its magic can only be triggered once a month, but lasts for one full month on the enemy so long as the net remains on them. [RARE]
21. Shovel
Digging is fun.
22. Guitar
A basic musical instrument. Can play many lovely melodies.
23. Stone of Agony
Helps you find hidden things.
24. Strange Magical Dali Painting
Flash it in battle, and see.
25. Yoshi Doll
Kids love this plush toy!
26. Spyglass
A miniture telescope that enables you to see far into the distance

Skull Necklace, Secret Shell, Golden Feather, 5 Green Chu Jellies

The standard mount for races which are approximately Hylian in size.

Quiver Deluxe
Holds 200 Arrows [RARE]
Bomb Bag Deluxe
Holds 40 bombs. [RARE]
Stunner Net
A large enchanted net that puts to sleep any person or monster(s) that's caught in it. Its magic can only be triggered once a month, but lasts for one full month on the enemy so long as the net remains on them. [RARE]
Throwing Knife (23)
-1- A balanced Knife for throwing; it can also be used for melee.
Utility Belt
A belt with 15 item pouches to save space and for easy access. You may have one of these and one Bandoleer.
Iron Boots
Description Pending
Chain Mail
-7- Great defense, although it is quite heavy.


So this seems some sort of spiritual boomerang, connected to Violita. Seeing as her parents didn't believe it existed, and they are historians, before we set out for the Wind Ruins, I ask her to show the boomerang to her parents - lending them my Mask of Truth so they can see it, telling them about the experiments we have done, and asking if they might know something helpful.

If not, we'll set out for the Wind Ruins, and once there, I'll ask Violita to show me where she found the boomerang, and investigate the area thoroughly.

IW Joblist
1. Response of her parents.
2. Can we see anything of note at the Wind Ruins?

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Post Re: Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight
Just a heads up - B'Cuc would like you guys to know she's having internet problems, you haven't been abandoned or anything :P. Inquirer will be up as soon as she can manage to post it.

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Post Re: Hyrulian Peace XXXVI: The Harmony of Twilight
Does she need a better router or provider or something? anything we can do to help?



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